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GenePal Tissue Aid
Liquid Bandage

Protects your skin and helps it heal faster

Effective Protection

Superior flexibility to form effective protection layer on the skin.

Rapid Healing

Having Vitamin E added enhances the healing process.


Rapid reaction to form a transparent microbial and waterproof barrier.

Easy to Apply

The 10 gm toothpaste-like tube packaging provides more hygiene on each use.

Bacteria Barrier

Antiseptic properties to prevent dirt and germs from penetration.

Cost Effective

A good and solid protection can be formed only by using a small amount.

TissueAid Liquid Bandage can be applied on scrapes and minor cuts on the skin to close topical wounds. This antiseptic liquid bandage dries rapidly to create a strong, waterproof yet still flexible barrier.

Tissue Aids liquid bandage

Protect Your Skin and Help It Heal Faster

Protect your skin with TissueAid Liquid Bandage. This antiseptic liquid bandage dries quickly to form a strong, waterproof yet breathable barrier. The layer of liquid bandage formed is breathable, which will prevent dirt and germs from penetrating the cuts or lesions to ensure fast track healing with excellent cosmetic results. It may also be used to protect the skin or blister by providing a flexible and tough protective

Completely waterproof, flexible, breathable and strong.

The layer of liquid bandage formed is breathable and flexible because the skin can breathe through it. The antiseptic properties will prevent dirt and germs from penetration and colonizing the cuts or lesions and therefore, ensures fast-track healing with excellent cosmetic results. The layer of TissueAid Liquid Bandage is tough, waterproof yet still flexible to absorb all bumps, scrapes and falls as it protects

Faster healing

Have you ever had a cut and hesitated to wash it because you were worried about it getting infected? With TissueAid, that’s never an issue. This liquid bandage dries rapidly to create a strong, yet flexible barrier that will protect the wound from dirt and germs. It also contains antiseptic properties that will help with fast track healing and reduce any pain associated with the wound.

Protect your skin from cuts, scrapes and minor wounds with a water-resistant liquid bandage.

When you’re in a hurry, TissueAid Liquid Bandage is there for you. Apply a thin coating to cuts, scrapes and minor wounds to form a protective barrier that dries quickly. It’s water-resistant and contains vitamin E for fast healing so you can get back to what matters.

 and ISO Certified by medical body

Trusted By Doctors & Patients Around the Country.

Our product has been certified for Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices in Malaysia and also ISO 13485 certified.

See How Fast It Heals

What Do Our Cusotmer Said

TissueAid is really good. It heal fast, and most importantly I can do my work as if there is not cut, not like normal bandahe

Jeffrey Cheah

My cut was very deep but the blood just stop when I apply the TissueAids. The best thing is that I can see the healing with my eyes unlike the bandage where I need to constantly open up and check.

Jia Hui

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